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I really wanted to turn this sketch idea into a reality with a painting, and I wasn’t sure where it would end up. Experimenting with various tones, I knew I wanted this one to be on its own but still have the boldness & storyline for the buyer/viewer. It definitely has its own story to tell, and I’m amped to say I’m printing these at a different size than I’ve done before also! Love to find these new ones beautiful spaces to live in!

New Chapters Title_edited.jpg

IT’S TIME!, and it’s been a long time coming...

Being in various shops, as well as travelling for clients since the beginning of my tattooing career since 2008- I couldn’t think of a better time for this new chapter now. I’m extremely grateful for every shop I’ve been in and set up shop at since the beginning of my career at Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis – but now it’s time to do the free agent thing, and I couldn’t be happier to say so!

I take all of these custom projects seriously, whether big or small and no matter how much time on the clock I spend drawing for them… This art form has given me a hell of a lot, I’ve learned from so many people and always remain a student. That being said, I really want to hone in on my specific style and where I want to take it in my tattooing. To all my amazing clients and ones I haven’t met yet, I’m excited to say I’ll be working on your permanent canvases in my own personal studio space from here on out here in Vancouver, and of course, travelling still for guest spots when I can.

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New Chapter Chris

Photo: Mike Madison

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